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Delivering a new Norwich Community Hospital

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (‘the Trust’) is a provider of community services to a population of approximately 1.5million people. Norwich Community Hospital is the Trust’s largest site, providing a range of inpatient and outpatient services. It is located to the west of Norwich city centre, just inside the city’s outer ring-road on Bowthorpe Road.

The Trust is currently planning for the future of this site, as part of its broader review of the services offered and how these are to be delivered in the future. The Norwich Community Hospital site is an important one for the Trust and will continue to be so, although it faces a number of challenges including aging buildings and a need for efficiencies in the management of its estate. In order to allow the Trust to continue to support its patient population and moves towards more care being provided in community, it is now bringing forward plans to secure the future of this hospital.

It is the Trust’s intention to redevelop the Norwich Community Hospital site in order to provide a new hospital here for the communities it serves. This redevelopment would be cost neutral to the Trust, facilitated through the delivery of a number of new uses complementary to the new hospital.

The new hospital would accommodate all of the services currently provided on site, as well as others which may be relocated from other Trust sites in the future.

Draft proposals for the redevelopment of the site were consulted on during the latter part of 2017, including on-site exhibitions and community meetings. A further round of public events and stakeholder meetings were held in late 2018.

The Planning Applications Committee at Norwich City Council voted to grant outline planning permission in February 2019.

Demolition works

Demolition of the disused ward blocks at the rear of Norwich Community Hospital is well underway. Although the demolition works form an essential precursor to the proposed hospital redevelopment, these works are also necessary to any future use of the Trust’s land, and have no bearing on the outcome of the planning application.

For the latest information about the works, please see our letter to residents

Arial View

Aerial view of the site (outlined in red)